Zach Dunn Robin Co-Founder Headshot 2022

Zach Dunn is a tech entrepreneur, customer leader, and "product person" out to make the workplace work better.

I've spent most of the past decade helping customers adopt flexible work as Co-Founder of Robin along with my twin brother and genetic business partner Sam.

Interviews + Press

Since founding Robin in 2014, I've helped thousands of companies adopt flexible work strategies. I speak regularly on hybrid work and (since 2020) helping workplaces navigate their return to office.

It's OK to not be in office everyday — your workplace is bigger than that now.

Customer Success + Customer Experience


Over the years I've written a lot on the future of tech, company building, and usability. The popular ones get turned into talks. The bad ones get turned into support docs. Here are a few from the highlight reel.


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